carrd maker


hi there! just to let you know a few things about me, I'm q-pit or mostly known as qi/el :] I go by any pronouns but I usually go with they/them. you can know more about me on my personal carrd!

I started making carrds since late 2020 to early 2021 however I only opened my carrd commissions this February 2022 as I have gotten more confident in my skills. I continued to broaden my knowledge on carrd making, I began to make carrd tutorials as well as become an admin of carrd helper accounts on twitter :) I have also opened my shop to showcase more of my carrd designs and interact with people with similar interests.


  • You must have a verified carrd account with one free slot.

  • must provide inspo (may it be from pinterest or yt).

  • I do not make carrds that are beyond my capabilities or those that require carrd pro subscription (since I am still learning how to code).

  • I will not be doing anything nsfw or g0re related carrds as well as carrds that are made to mock someone or something.

  • I am willing to make gift as well as business-related carrds. I won't be making any school-related carrds.

  • do not rush me.

  • do not cancel when I'm halfway done.

  • my working time will be less than a day or 1-7 days depending on the carrd complexity & my availability.

  • plans may be negotiable & customized.

  • pay me first, halfway, or after (depends).

  • if you're paying with boost/s, boosts must last atleast 2 weeks up to a month.

  • must fill up a gform.

  • I have recently bought carrd pro standard so all I need is your email to transfer the carrd.


Before You Hire: I reciprocate the way you act, would try my best to make the convo not awkward and I use tone tags and emojis.Do Not Hire: if you are racist, homophobic, ableist, rude & disrespectful, under 13 or above 25, toxic, and everything that fits under the dni criteria.Note: I am a STEM student so I am not always online & available. I mostly prioritize paid plans. Must read my carrd first before hiring. Please respond at least within 24 hrs instead of leaving me hanging. Do not claim my work as your own and do not remove the credits.


Is it required to have a carrd account?
- Yes. it is very important to have an account before hiring me. A carrd requires a carrd account and not just your email. You can make a carrd account really quick here: https://carrd.co/
Why should I give you my email and password to my carrd account?
- This is so that I can make your carrd there. I would love to transfer the carrd to your acc but unfortunately, I don't have carrd pro to do that.
Why can't you make my carrd using your account?
- I don't have anymore space in my carrd accounts and I'm not planning to make more. So we use your acc to make a carrd, in this way, you can always edit/change/delete your carrd anytime.
Why should I answer the form?
- It makes data collection easier and concise. I always delete gform responses after finishing the carrd.
I'm not very familiar with carrds, can I hire you even if I'm a beginner?
- Yes ofc! I'm willing to help you create your carrd. But please be patient with me and don't be stubborn<3
Are you very strict about your terms & conditions?
- Absolutely, so I hope you read my hiring carrd carefully. Especially with keeping the credits in your carrd.
Can I edit the carrd after I have ordered from you?
- Ofc you can! it's your carrd after all so you can edit it however you like as long as you don't remove my credits:)
How can I hire you?
- You may join my shop: /baymax. Open a ticket and follow the basic steps. Further instructions will be provided and I will assist you as fast as I can:) Or you may also hire me through dms although I may not be able to reply right away.


Free Plan (closed atm)
・1 page w/ very simple layout, non-interactive, no animations or transitions
Shout Out Plan (closed atm)
・1-2 pages, simple to semi-complex layout, 50+ mem req, must send ss of s/o
1 Boost/$2 Paypal Plan
・1-2 pages, semi-complex layout, boost must last 2 weeks - 1 month, pay halfway or after

.2 Boosts/$4 Paypal Plan
・1-3 pages, semi-complex layout, boosts must last 2 weeks - 1 month, pay halfway or after
$5 Nitro/$5 Paypal Plan
・1-3 pages, complex layout, willing to find imgs, pay halfway or after
$10 Nitro/$10 Paypal Plan
・multiple pages, very complex layout, willing to find imgs, pay halfway or after


click the images for full resolution. more examples can be found in my server. I post my carrds there regularly.